To take part:

  • Join our Chiltern Samaritans Winter Cycling Challenge Club on Strava
  • Upload your real or virtual February 2022 rides onto Strava

We’ll do the rest, tracking your distance on the Club Leaderboard from Tue 1st Feb through Mon 28th Feb inclusive.

If you want to take part but you would prefer not to use Strava, simply email evidence of each your rides to Catherine Budd ( and Cathy will maintain a tally for you during February.

For those of you who prefer to ride indoors, you can ride some or all of the Challenge on your favourite virtual cycling platform.  If you ride on Fulgaz or Zwift, you’ll be able to participate in our February Group Rides and Meetups to make those kilometres pass by even more quickly.

If you are trying FulGaz for the first time, perhaps with a Zwift background, please read the Quick Start Guide here and familiarise yourself with some FulGaz rides before starting the Winter Cycling Challenge.  There is a 35-day promo code 22samaritans which will give you full, unpaid access to the App and to all of its rides during February.  Click on the Settings button on the main page and scroll down the Settings menu to Promo Code to apply it.

Click here for instructions to ride in the Fulgaz Group Rides.

Click here for instructions to ride in the Zwift Meetups.

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