There are two Fulgaz Group Rides scheduled to accompany the Samaritans Winter Cycling Challenge:

  1. Saturday 5th Feb at 10:00 for a ride up Box Hill and Ranmore Common (17.4Km, 338m of climbing)
  2. Saturday 26th Feb at 10:00 for a ride around the UCI 2019 Worlds Harrogate Street Circuit (13.7Km, 252m of climbing)

We assume that you are a regular FulGaz user, familiar with the App and with an active, paid-up account.

If you are trying FulGaz for the first time, perhaps with a Zwift background, please read the Quick Start Guide here and familiarise yourself with some FulGaz rides before starting the Winter Cycling Challenge.  There is a 35-day promo code 22samaritans which will give you full, unpaid access to the App and to all of its rides during February.  Click on the Settings button on the main page and scroll down the Settings menu to Promo Code to apply it.

The biggest difference from Zwift is that FulGaz uses real-life video footage filmed by its members; at 4K resolution these are substantially large files (a 30 minute ride is approximately 5GB) which for the best FulGaz 4K experience you should download to your device before starting your ride.  Lower resolutions are available and depending on your Internet speed, you may be able to stream these from the FulGaz servers as you ride.

To access the Group Rides, click on the Group Rides button on the main page.  See Figure 1, which shows FulGaz running on an iPad.  On the next screen, enter the Group Ride Invite Code 224881:

Return to the main page, and click on the Settings button.  See Figure 2.  Scroll down the Settings menu and click Update Ride List:

Return to the main page, and observe that the Live Group Rides and Races icon is now visible.  See Figure 3.  Click this icon and the two Samaritans Group Rides will be visible, with a countdown timer to their respective start times.  Click on either of the rides to view their elevation profile.  As noted above, for the best Fulgaz 4K experience you should download the ride videos to your device before starting your ride.  It’s best to this a day or so in advance so that you are not stressed out by any last-minute Internet glitches!

You will not be able start riding until the countdown timers reach 00:00:00; after that each of the rides will be available for a further 24 hours.

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