There are two Zwift Meetups scheduled to accompany the Samaritans Winter Cycling Challenge:

  1. Friday 11th Feb at 09.00 when we will ride the Greater London Loop with Box Hill (21km and 244m of climbing)
  2. Saturday 19th Feb at 10.00 for The UCI 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate street circuit (14km and 240m of climbing)

These will be social rides, paced at 2.0 – 2.5 Watts per Kg.


To join the Meetups you need to first ‘follow’ the Meetup Organizer on Zwift.

Use the Zwift Companion app, go to ‘Find Zwifters’ and search for Cathy Budd (ARCC)

Click the orange box next to the name.

Send a message to to say you’d like to join the Meetup.

You will then receive an invitation via Zwift Companion.

Accept the invitation and on the scheduled date, start Zwifting as normal before the Meetup time.

Around five minutes before the scheduled time you will see an on-screen button to ‘Join Meet-up’.

Click this and you will be transported to the event start.

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