What is the Challenge?

This year we have the Samaritans Cycle Whiteleaf Challenge,which will time all riders on the 50 & 80 mile routes that have to go up Whiteleaf hill as part of their route to see who will be the fastest   of the day and will receive the magnificent Whiteleaf Challenge Trophy!

What is Whiteleaf hill?

The White Leaf Climb – Number 23 in Simon Warren’s original 100 Greatest Climbs book, it is only 0.81 miles in distance and it is just under 10% average incline.

It has three notable steep sections – the first at around 16%, the second, ‘the corner’ at  around 25% and the third, a steepening ramp, nudging nearly 20%.

It’s a ‘right proper’ climb, generally thought as a one of the “toughest climb in the Chilterns”.

Where is Whiteleaf hill?

On the 50 mile route you’ll go up Whiteleaf at mile 40. On the 80 mile route you’ll go up Whiteleaf hill at mile 70.

How can I take part?

Enter either the 50 or 80 mile routes to stand a chance of claiming the trophy!


Samaritans White leaf Challenge
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