The chaingang across Buckinghamshire supports the fundraising Cycle Ride by the Samaritans in their bid to raise thousands of pounds to support the charity, an essential rock for so many people who turn to them.

Cllr Val Letheren, Chairman Bucks Count Council says:

“Please support this event in any way you can. Samaritans are highly valued by their clients but urgently need more funds to do their work. We should all play our part to help them all we can. If you are not cycling yourself July 1st please sponsor or simply send a donation to this special charity.”

Cllr Jenny Bloom, Chairman Aylesbury Vale District Council says:

“Please support this essential charity. Without the help, compassion and dedication of The Samaritans many people with worries or concerns wouldn’t have this lifeline. Just think, it could be you, me or someone we know!!”

Cllr Mahboob Hussain, Chairman Wycombe District Council says:

“It’s nice to see people with commitment and dedication to raise the profile and fundraising cycle ride for a good cause – hope they will raise plenty of money for the Charity and wish them all a safe journey “

Cllr Duncan Smith, Chairman South Bucks District Council says:

“This is a great cause and lovely way to spend a summer’s day getting fit and making money for a great charity. I urge everybody to take part or sponsor a bike rider.”

Cllr Mimi Harker, Chairman Chiltern District Council says:

” The support for this essential charity is widespread but they receive very little funding and have to raise what they need to survive themselves. Please come and show your support and empathy for others by either taking part yourself and /or by sponsoring someone who is cycling to help raise those much needed funds. Wheel it or deal it!”

The great Cycle Race takes place on Saturday 30 June starting in High Wycombe.

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