Blow away the cobwebs and get ready for the Chiltern Samaritans Winter Cycling Challenge, a great way to kick-start your training for our 25th June 2022 Sportive.

Challenge yourself to ride 500Km in February 2022, in real life, virtually, or a mixture.  Everyone who completes the Challenge will be entered into our Challenge Prize Draw and will be entitled to priority parking at our June 2022 Sportive.

Read on for joining instructions.

For those of you who prefer to ride indoors, you can ride some or all of the Challenge on your favourite virtual cycling platform.  If you ride on Fulgaz or Zwift, you’ll be able to participate in our February Group Rides and Meetups to make those kilometres pass by even more quickly.  On Fulgaz the Group Rides will be:

  • Box Hill and Ranmore Common (17.4Km and 338m)
  • The UCI 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate street circuit (13.7Km and 252m)

And on Zwift the Meetups will be:

  • Greater London Loop with Box Hill (21Km and 244m)
  • The UCI 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate street circuit (14Km and 240m)

There is no entry fee for the Challenge, but as always, if you’d like to donate or raise some sponsorship, we would be delighted.  The need for funds goes on as relentlessly as the need for our service.

To take part:

  • Join our Chiltern Samaritans Winter Cycling Challenge Club on Strava
  • Upload your real or virtual February 2022 rides onto Strava

 We’ll do the rest, tracking your distance on the Club Leaderboard from Tue 1st Feb through Mon 28th Feb inclusive.

We’ll be in touch again in early 2022, with instructions on how to donate, and details for riding in the Group Rides and Meetups.

Kind regards


Simon Rubin

Chiltern Samaritans

The Chiltern Samaritans Winter Cycling Challenge
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