The 80 Km route

The routes will be extensively signposted and marked with the use of arrow and warning signs.  Arrow signs will be at all junctions on the route and at regular intervals; look out for these as you approach junctions, especially at route splits.  There will also be marshals at key locations on routes to provide extra confidence.

However we do recommend that you use a bike computer and pre-load your chosen route.  If you miss an arrow or a turning you could easily get lost in the narrow lanes.

Download the 80 Km route from Ride with GPS:

Click the dots on the right hand side of the orange Send to Device button, then choose More Export Options to download your choice of FIT, TCX, GPX, etc.

The 80 Km route has been changed slightly from previous years, removing Britwell Hill and extending the run-in to Whiteleaf Hill.

The Feed Station is at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Chinnor at approximately 50 Km.

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