THANK YOU FOR ENTERING THE SAMARITANS CYCLE  – Our sportive in aid of the Chilterns Samaritans.

Please find below the pre-event information detail. We ask that you read this information carefully as it includes some essential rider safety and administration information that will help to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Once you have entered online you will receive an email confirmation from British Cycling.

Please read our Terms & Conditions 

Everything you need to ride on the day will be collected at Registration.

Please remember: No Helmet = No Ride

Getting There & Parking

How to get there and car park entrance and Parking details are all on this page:  HOW TO GET THERE AND PARK


  • Registration opens from 7.30 and will close at 10.00. We suggest you arrive to register at least 30 minutes before you want to start.  The marshalls will let groups go in batches of 2 mins.
  • All riders must sign in before the ride.
  • When you arrive please follow the marshalls’ guidance for car parking and make your way to the registration to pick up your ride number. Registration will be by distance and then surname.
  • There will be a desk available for on the day registrations – cash only please. Please note there is a £5 premium for on the day registrations

The weather forecast is its going to warm!
Hydration is key whether you’re riding for an hour or 5 hours (even in cold weather). A consistent intake of water throughout your cycle is very important.

Hydrating correctly can lead to increased energy levels, support healthy body function, and ensures your body is absorbing all of the nutrients from the food you consume every day.
So don’t forget to fill up your water bottle before you head out and again at the water stations along the route.

Please ensure that you have some spare cash on you for emergencies and for any purchases you may require for breakfast, coffee and the post ride bar and for any last minute purchases from our supporting trade stands and maybe treat yourself to a post ride massage to help recovery.

Once you have registered, riders will be called forward and set off in 2 minute intervals in batches of roughly 20 riders. The time you start will not be dictated by your rider number so if you want to ride with friends who registered at a different times, no problem.

  • 80 & 130 kms riders can start from 8.00 am
  • 40 kms riders can start from 9.00 am  (if you want to start earlier the feed station may not be open)

Some of our lovely routes also share the road with equestrian riders. Please do not approach horses at speed and silently.  Slow down and call out to the horse rider asking if it is safe to pass them. For more details please read the following article :  Be Nice, Say Hi!

GPX files can be downloaded from the website. The routes will be extensively signposted and marked with the use of arrow and warning signs. Arrow signs will be at all junctions on the route and at regular intervals so in principle keep following these signs as you come to a junction! There will also be marshalls at key locations on routes providing extra confidence.


130km Hellfire Challenge

GPX Route:

80km Hellfire Challenge

GPX route –

40km Dashwood Challenge

GPX route –

Please ensure that you arrive at the start in good time. Late starters will not be permitted after 10.00!

Please ensure you have the following items with you:
A helmet – It is mandatory that all riders wear a safety approved cycling helmet
A form of identification in case of an accident
One, preferably 2 water bottles and snacks and energy drinks.
Although refreshments will be provided at the rest stations you are advised to provide sufficient quantities of your own for the ride.

A basic tool kit including a pump, tyre levers and we recommend bringing at least 2 spare inner tubes.
Suitable clothing :Ensure you have essential clothing in case of inclement weather. There will be a stall selling clothing and accessories at Ride HQ

First aid kit
Medical support will be provided but you should carry basis supplies such as plasters
Money; Please ensure you have a suitable amount of money on you in case of an emergency or to purchase spare tubes etc (or give as a donation!)

There will be a mechanical van offering basic repairs, spare inner tubes etc. Mechanical support should not be relied on to fix any existing problems with your bike, but is there to help resolve any problems that have occurred on the way to or during the event.

Punctures are the biggest bane for sportive riders so please ensure that you do have spare inner tubes with you – we suggest 2 per rider as a minimum

Approximately 30 minutes after the last rider starts, our team will set up to clear the route and to remove all signs and road markings. The support vehicles will stay behind the last riders to ensure they can assist any riders in difficulty. In the event that a rider needs a list back to Ride HQ, they may have to wait for the sweep vehicle following the tail end riders. Riders concerned about completing in the time available are urged to start as early as possible.

Coffee, Tea, water  and trade stands
Fresh tea, coffee  with be available for purchase at Ride HQ – please support the kind volunteers who are giving up their time to be there.

There will be toilets at Ride HQ.

Trade suppliers will be on site on site selling a variety of accessories such as water bottles, spare tubes. Please support them on the day as they are donating a percentage of their sales to the event.

Please ensure that you have enough refreshments for your ride. Free drinks, snacks and energy products will be available at the rest stations and there will be water at Ride HQ for filling water bottles, but you should ensure that you have enough of your own supplies to last you the ride.

The Event will close at 5.30m

There will be feed / drink stations on each course as an opportunity for you to top up your water bottles with energy drink and take on board some food. This should supplement the food / drink you have taken on the ride and you should not solely rely on this as your only form of nutrition.

For safety, please move off the roadway when at the feed station and be careful when exiting from them.

When you arrive back at Ride HQ, please complete the course through the finish gate  and  collect your drink and food tokens and rider’s medal.

Enjoy the ride! Remember this ride is not a race and you are on public roads that are open to other traffic. Respect other road users and be vigilant!

See you all at the Start….and the finish

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