The Sams Chiltern Chiltern Challenge is now underway!   Please send in your photos and we will publish them.

Fulgaz.com has filmed the Hell fire ride 50, which has given us access to some great shots of the 80K route.

Photos are Courtesy of Fulgaz.com

If you are unable to get out and cycle one of the three routes,   Fulgaz will be publishing the 80k route on their Fulgaz system and you’ll be able to try it indoors on your turbo.  More details go to Fulgaz.com. or click on the logo below, They are currently offering a free 14 day trial


Have you Registered?

Simply fill in the form HERE  and go and enjoy one of the 3  routes.  The challenge is open until the end of July. Once you have completed the route,  while following the government guidelines on social distancing, either send us a screen shot of your route, a Strava link and photos from the route and we will add your achievement to the list of participants and enter you into the free draw to win one of 3 prizes.



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Hellfire 50 – Sams Chiltern Challenge
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